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Mini Acrylic Bong

Acrylic Bongs are often very cheap bongs. Small models of acrylic bongs are even more inexpensive. Especially for outdoor application they prove to be the right choice. It's not even a drama if you lose it or it gets stolen or confiscated. Little acrylic bongs look really cute and sturdy and are a welcome surprise guest at parties.

Acrylic pipes are often made in Asia, but not all of them. Sure, the cheaper variants are not made in high quality manufactories from europe or northern america, but there are also some high-end brands available. These pipes does not accompany the budget bongs from China or India and are much more dureable than these. In instance, i would like to mention the Jetstream series by KRASS Design. For close to 150 Euro you will have an extraordinary smoking friend for years and years. But, these bongs can not be titled as "mini bongs" at all. With more than 40cm it is the same league as full full measure glass ware by one of these famous brands. Just a little more shatterproof.